Monday, September 27, 2010

Sketch Dump: Updateish

The first assignment from Illustration Academy with composition and shapes

Assignment 2 is missing because it's too dang big to scan. Poor.

Chris Payne's assignment involving "The Conversation"

Anita Kunz's assignment for a "celebrity portrait."

I'm also realizing I totally forgot to properly crop these before uploading them. Ah well. I was planning on going back and revising these anyhow.

In any case, a couple of random sketches from camp/these past few weeks.

A quick sketch of Tyler and Bomi listening to her iPod. Here I learned pretty quickly that I can't sketch while I'm on a bus.

A lot of the sketches had to be pretty quick, considering I was actually supposed to be uh...teaching. Haha.

Been playing around with nib and ink lately. Life's been pretty good. I'm currently in Seattle interning for Fantagraphics, and it's pretty sweet. I'm always so tired lately though. :/ This is obnoxious.


  1. oh I'm glad I get to see your work from IA! :) Great stuff! I love the conversation one. Did you wind up doing all the projects there in cut paper?

  2. Mehehehe. Yessssss. X3 They were all...somewhat different ways of going about it, but I sort of wish I had gone ahead and experimented with different media. Like ink.